PHOENIX: Incredible Footage of an Officer Carrying Mall Shooting Victim On His Shoulder To Save His Life


The Phoenix Police Department on Saturday posted a graphic body-camera video of one of its officers responding to last month’s deadly shooting at Desert Sky Mall. The video shows the first responding officer running toward the scene inside the mall. “’Active shooter’ were the words the first arriving officer heard,” the post says. Reportedly preceded by an argument over a pair of shoes, the shooting happened on Valentine’s Day. Alejandro Martinez, 17, was killed. A 20-year-old man survived. “Stand up. I’m taking you out of here. Let’s go,” the officer is heard telling that man as he pulled him to his feet. While the victim’s face is blurred, the edited video is graphic, clearly showing blood on the tile floor. “The officer picked up the victim, threw him over his shoulder, and carried him through the shopping center to get medical help,” the post explains. “The victim was taken to the hospital and is recovering.” Carrying the wounded man out, the officer is heard saying, “You’re all right,” over and over. “Am I gonna die?” the victim asked once he was outside and on the ground. “No, dude. You’re OK,” the officer answered. “I promise you you’re not gonna die.” The Phoenix Police Department did not identify the officer in the video online.

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