Police Release Body-Cam Footage Of Man Who Stabbed Himself, Then Tries To Attack Cops


The West Sacramento Police Department on Thursday released bodycam footage from February’s fatal officer-involved shooting on Ikea Court.

The suspect shot and killed by police was been identified in early March as 24-year-old Adam John Lundt.

The video starts with a 9-1-1 caller claiming a man had stabbed himself in the throat in the Walmart parking lot nearby and was believed to be dead.

Police said Lundt was able to get into his vehicle and officers located him near the McDonald’s on Ikea Court. At the 3-minute mark of the video, the dashcam and bodycam footage begins and shows an officer getting out of his patrol vehicle and contacting Lundt, who can be seen out of his car with a knife and gun in hand.

“Back up, stay in the car, stay in the car,” the office can be heard saying in the video.

Moments later, Lundt can be seen charging toward the officer and several shots were fired, hitting Lundt. A second officer on the scene also fired shots at Lundt. He can be seen lying in the street motionless as officers call for him to show his hands.

“Just hold everyone back, we have a man with a gun,” the officer said as law enforcement tried to clear the scene.

The police department said it was later determined the firearm was a pellet gun.

West Sacramento Police Chief Rob Strange said in a statement:

The West Sacramento Police Department appreciates the community’s patience and compassion for everyone impacted by this incident. Our administration continues to cooperate with the Woodland Police Department as they conduct an independent criminal investigation of the incident. Concurrently, we are conducting our own internal investigation of the incident and review of department policies. Several months from now, the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office will complete its assessment of this officer-involved shooting and issue its findings.

Two weeks have passed since the events depicted in the linked video. The work compiled through the criminal and administrative investigations has begun to shed light on what occurred in the afternoon hours of February 25th. Pursuant to our policy and standard practice, I have assessed the information gathered through these investigative efforts and have determined that the involved officers will be authorized to return to duty. These officers continue to cooperate with all investigative efforts and other work readiness processes, while they also engage with supportive resources to enable a healthy return to their work serving the residents of West Sacramento.

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