Police Shoot Man Wanted On Felony Warrants In Hobby Lobby


New body-cam video from the Lake Havasu City Police Department shows an officer shooting a wanted man who investigators later found out didn’t have a gun.

It happened around 6 p.m. on Dec. 10 at a Hobby Lobby. Officers say they knew 29-year-old Jon Steven Douglas, who had felony warrants for his arrest, was inside. Sgt. Brian Jacobs spotted him in one of the aisles and pulled out his gun.

“Get on the ground. Drop it! Get on the ground,” Jacobs said in the 70-second video that the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office released on Tuesday.

It appears Douglas drops something and then runs off. He pushes away a customer and runs into the next aisle, where Jacobs’ partner is waiting. The officer pushes Douglas into some art supplies and a scuffle ensues. That’s when Sgt. Jacobs shoots Douglas in the stomach.

“You’re good, you’re good, said Jacobs. “He threw something. He got something.”

Douglas is down on the ground and the two officers handcuff him. Police later said Douglas didn’t have a weapon. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated. When he was healthy enough, Douglas was driven to a Mohave County jail. He was released on Dec. 17 but MCSO didn’t say what charges Douglas is facing.

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