Police Try To Break Up Massive Anti Lockdown And Anti Vax Passport Rally, They Fail.


Eight Metropolitan Police officers have been injured by anti-lockdown protestors who threw ‘missiles’ including bottles at them at Hyde Park.

The officers were injured as they worked to disperse anti-lockdown protestors in Hyde Park on Saturday(April 24), almost two weeks after the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

Demonstrators took to Oxford Street, Park Lane and Hyde Park where they held banners with messages such as: “Covid-19 Vaccine Holocaust”, and: “No To Vaccine Passports.”

Another banner read: “You don’t need proof to know truth.”

The Met Police said two of their officers had to be taken to hospital after “missiles including bottles were thrown in small pockets of disorder.”

Images shared on social media just after 8pm on Saturday showed multiple distressed police officers bleeding from injuries to their faces, with one officer sobbing as they are comforted by a colleague.

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