Popular Youtuber, Vitality Z, Gets Arrested While On Shrooms! (Bodycam Arrest Footage)


On the early evening of April 12, 2020, Lily Jensen was out jogging by herself on a typically-sleepy road in Miami Beach, Florida when a man, later identified as YouTuber Vitaly ‘VitalyzdTv’ Zdorovetskiy, without any provocation, attempted to hug her. Jensen told Zdorovetskiy to leave her alone, and the YouTuber responded by tackling her to the ground, straddling her, and punching her in the head, face and body. She had never met or interacted with Zdorovetskiy prior. Zdorovetskiy was arrested later that day and charged with felony aggravated battery.

During the course of his detention and arrest, and subsequently in the course of a civil suit by Ms. Jensen, Zdorovetskiy stated that he had been “tripping” on hallucinogenic mushrooms when he battered Ms. Jensen. Two of Zdorovetskiy’s friends managed to get the YouTuber back inside his house, though it would later appear that they, too, had been beaten by Zdorovetskiy in the process. Multiple uninvolved witnesses called 911, and the police responded. One witness reported that prior to Zdorovetskiy’s attack on Jensen, the witness noticed a different female exiting Zdorovetskiy’s residence, with Zdorovetskiy in chase, as she entered a rideshare service vehicle.

That female, who remains unidentified, had to exit the car after Zdorovetskiy entered, running to the other side of the vehicle and re-entering as Zdorovetskiy exited in chase after her. The unidentified female was able to flee the scene. In Part I, I told you that “one police body-worn camera video captured Zdorovetskiy inquiring of a police officer as to whether he, too, was tripping. (The officer was not.) Zdorovetskiy then stated that people are not going understand why he ‘attacked that girl for no reason,’ adding that he was famous, a millionaire, and going to lose everything.” Today, you can hear it from the Ukranian prank video guy himself. On April 15, 2020, Lily Jensen filed a civil lawsuit against Zdorovetskiy and his company, Vitalyzdtv, Inc. On June 9, 2021, the court was notified that Jensen’s civil suit against Zdorovetskiy had settled. On June 23, 2021, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy was accepted into pretrial diversion for his felony battery charge, with no objection by Lily Jensen. Coverage of Zdorovetskiy’s trip to jail, and more, is here.

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