Prisoner Tries To Attack Judge During Hearing…. Judge Handles It Himself.


Chaos erupted in Pike County Justice Court last month.

Judge Aubrey Rimes was holding court on January 7 when the incident occurred. Sidney Newsome, 27, was in court charged with domestic violence.

Surveillance video shows Newsom struggling with the bailiff before throwing a stack of papers at the judge. Eventually, the judge restrains Newsome before he is taken away.

A woman and young man, who officials said are Newsome’s mother and brother, approached during the struggle.

Deputies came streaming in, taking away Newsome and his brother, who was also put into handcuffs.

Rimes charged Newsome with contempt of court and Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Bellipanni said he will probably be charged with simple assault.

At a board meeting, supervisors met with judges, constables and sheriff’s officers to discuss how to better protect court proceedings in the future.

Pike County Supervisor Robert Accardo said, “I thought it was totally ridiculous. This shouldn’t have happened, my first concern was for the people in the courtroom.”

Pike County Board of Supervisors President Robert Accardo says no one was hurt during the incident.

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