Psychopathic Man Kicks In Ex-Girlfriend’s Door, Gets Blown Away In Pensacola FL


Criminal charges will not be filed against a woman who shot and killed a man after he broke into her home Tuesday in what authorities have determined was a “stand your ground” case.

The names of the parties involved in the shooting had not been released as of Wednesday afternoon. Escambia County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Amber Southard said it goes against ECSO policy to release the name of a victim.

Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons said his agency investigated the shooting and determined the woman acted in self-defense to protect herself and those inside the house — including children — from violence.

The Sheriff’s Office has completed its review into this incident, and they have determined that the individual acted in self-defense to determine that charges are not appropriate,” Marcille said. “We were consulted in that decision, and we agree that the individual who fired the shot was acting in self-defense and therefore agree that no charges should be filed.”

In a short clip of the footage that the ECSO posted to Facebook on Wednesday, a man can be seen standing on the home’s front porch and yelling profanities as he tries to kick down the front door. It took six kicks for the door to break open, at which point the man enters the house and yells “Let’s f—ing play!” before the video ends.

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