Racist MSNBC Reporter Quotes Biggie Smalls To Try And Coerce Black To Getting Vaccinated.


MSNBC host Ari Melbe sure knows how to talk down to a group he obviously doesn’t interact with very often.

Melbe figured, the best way to get through to the black community, which is lagging way behind whites in vaccination rates, was to “COVID’s dangerous, it’s lethal” Melber told his audience. “It’s a bit like the beef Notorious B.I.G. used to rap about when he said ‘beef is when your moms ain’t safe up in the streets.’”

“‘Beef is when I see you guaranteed to be in ICU [Intensive Care Unit],’” he added. “Well when COVID sees you, you can end up in ICU. Maybe not at the same rate as Biggie’s beef but that’s the point about risk, you don’t want to test these streets and risk ending up in the ICU.”

We’re sure blacks will now run en masse to the nearest vax stations to get jabbed since all blacks love rap and use rap lyrics in making life decisions.

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