Serial Killer Nurse Facing Execution in Texas after Being Convicted of Killing Four Patients for ‘Fun’


A nurse in Texas has been convicted of the serial killings of four patients after he injected them with air following heart surgeries, and now faces the death penalty.

Jurors found William Davis, 37, of Hallsville, guilty of the horrific killings Tuesday.

He was convicted of injecting air into the arteries of John Lafferty, Ronald Clark, Christopher Greenway and Joseph Kalina during their respective heart surgeries at at the Christus Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in 2017 and 2018. 

Davis is said to have carried out the attacks purely because he enjoyed killing, with prosecutors branding him a serial killer. 

They to seek the death penalty against Davis during his sentencing on Wednesday.

The four victims were believed to have suffered from unexplained neurological problems.

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