Seriously? Christie’s To Auction Off A White Male Slave?


Iconic British auction house Christie’s is set to auction off an NFT digital art piece of a white man being sold as a slave, with the artist describing the piece as a commentary on slavery’s role in “developing capitalism.”

White Male for Sale – a short video of a white man standing on an auction block in New York City – was created by 56-year-old American artist Dead Scott and will be auctioned by Christie’s and the Cristin Tierney Gallery on October 1.

In an Instagram post advertising the auction, Scott boasted that he had “a prime white male of excellent quality” to sell.

“This is a really rare opportunity to buy a white male for sale. They don’t come up very often,” the artist added, claiming to be inspired by slavery’s “integral part of developing capitalism” and how enslavers “sought to turn people into commodities and make them fungible.”

Though the auction is not due to take place until October 1, White Male for Sale is already listed on Christie’s website alongside works of fine art, jewelry, and antiquities.

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