Sick Mother Boasts About Giving Her Little Child The Vax, Says Will Sneeze on Unvaccinated to Kill Them.


This video was exposed on the LibsOfTikTok Twitter page showing an unhinged mother boasting about the FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children as young as 5 years of age.

If giving an experimental vaccine to children who rarely get sick from COVID wasn’t disturbing enough, the woman then goes on to claim she will be sneezing on the non-vaccinated to ‘get rid of them’ hinting she wants to get them sick enough to die.

The woman is so ignorant, she doesn’t realize the argument she just made was that vaccines don’t work and she, as a vaccinated person, can still catch COVID, spread it, and kill just as a non-vaccinated individual can.

Social services should pay this lady a visit, she doesn’t seem right in the head.

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