Southwest Airlines Passenger Brutally Assaults Flight Attendant Bloody, Knocks Her Teeth Out.


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – On a Southwest flight Sunday from Sacramento to San Diego, an unruly passenger attacked a flight attendant, knocking out two of her teeth and bloodying her face.

“Apparently what she did was stood up and took off her seat belt and the flight attendant told her to put it back on and she attacked her,” Susan Stidham, who was on the flight, said.

Another witness to the assault, Taro Arai, said the attack was violent.

“…they start shoving each other and the next I saw was ‘Don’t touch me!’ They start yelling, the lady stood up and pound! She just knocked her out on the floor.” Arai said.

Stidham, who took video of the female passenger being escorted off the plane by police in San Diego, said that passengers were just minutes from getting off the plane when the incident occurred.

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