Store Employees Accused This Man Of Stealing Stuff He Already Paid For!


A bystander (PriannaCarey) went live & filmed the whole thing for his safety.. she even stayed with him until the end here’s some of her words ..She’s Really A Real One! We love and thank the women who ride for us frfr 💯 ..
Prianna – “🗣We didn’t leave the scene until we knew for sure that this Brotha (RICCO) was safe & unharmed. I gave him my number he called to thank me and was glad we was there cause there’s no telling what would’ve happened. He also let me know that , he was banned from that QUICK TRIP OFF OF REGAL ROW IN 35 FOR 6 MONTHS. Which I don’t understand because this Brotha paid for EVERYTHING HE HAD. Also stated that the security guard wasn’t going to press charges, again HE ( THE SECURITY GUARD) HARRASSED THIS BROTHA AND ASSAULTED HIM AFTER LETTING HIM KNOW THAT HE WAS A RACIST. HE WORKS FOR PINKERTON SECURITY COMPANY In Plano Texas!”

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