Teenaged Girl Stabs Another Several Times at a High School in Nebraska


OMAHA, Neb. — South High students are still shaken by what they saw in the lunchroom Wednesday. There are multiple videos showing the moments when one girl apparently attacked another over a cafeteria table.

Another angle shows a student attacking the girl with overhand blows. In another, you can even see the knife on the table.

“Everybody was mostly shocked that she had a knife during the fight cause I don’t think they realized until after,” said Andre Robinson, South High student.

Omaha police say the student will survive her injuries. Some of her friends will never forget what they witnessed.

“I was going to try and stop it, and I saw the girl pull out the knife so I pulled back, you know, that’s scary,” said a South High student.

Students say this is just the latest violence at Omaha South. According to Omaha police, a security guard says he was attacked while trying to break up a fight a week ago Monday.

Officers were called to the school three days later when a student cut two others with a box cutter. Teens say they just don’t feel safe there right now.

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