TEXAS: 12 Year Old Girl Beats A Crazed Home Intruder Bloody With A Baseball Bat


SAN ANGELO, TX – A San Antonio teen became a hero in her home after she stopped an intruder by beating him with a bat.

According to the Pruski family, last month, a “crazed man armed with a large wooden club smashed his way through the front window” of their home during the day.

Surveillance footage showed the suspect attempting to open the door while armed with a wooden pole.

Connie Pruski and her husband attempted to fend off the intruder but were unable to subdue him due to ongoing medical issues.

“It was very, very, very scary,” said Connie Pruski. “He came in through the window. My husband didn’t have his walker, but he took a chair and tried to hold him out with the chair. But the man was so much younger and like stronger.”

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