Texas Pastor Having a Breakdown is Shot Dead by Police


On Sunday (January 10), a police officer in Killeen, Texas fatally shot Patrick Warren Sr. during a mental health check.

Video of the moments leading up to the fatal shooting was captured by a doorbell camera. Warren, who served as a pastor of a local church, was unarmed when the officer killed him.

According to a report by KCentTV, Warren’s family said they called the police to get a mental health professional’s assistance when they noticed a change in Warren’s behavior.

They said authorities told them a mental health deputy wasn’t available, and instead sent a police officer to respond.

National civil rights attorney Lee Merritt is working with Warren’s family to get justice.

“[Warren] was suffering a mental health crisis and simply needed help. Instead he was shot three times in his chest and tased,” Merritt wrote in a tweet. “We demand the immediate arrest of this officer.”

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