The Cultism Is FRIGHTENING: Despite an Enlarged Heart and Being Hospitalized Propaganda Spewing Journalist Gets Another Jab.


An Australian journalist has been panned by social media users and conservatives from the US and UK after claiming she’d get ‘vaccinated again’ despite developing a side effect associated with the Pfizer jab.

Daily Telegraph journalist Georgia Clark uploaded a video that was shared on both TikTok and Twitter showing her in a hospital bed after her heart enlarged due to myocarditis.

Clark, who is 27 wrote: “Even with this side effect, I would get the jab again. Side effects can be treated, dying from Covid-19 can’t.”

Clark of course, as are most journalists, is not a fan of science and data. Her age group, 20s-30s, has a 99.98% survival rate from COVID, the same as the seasonal flu.

These are the people pretending to be the guardians of the truth when it comes to COVID and vaccines.

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