The Mask Gestapo Attack and Slam Man with his Child at a Baseball Game for Mask Under His Nose.


This was the pathetic scene at an Omaha Beef baseball game at the Ralston Arena last week when security cuffed, then body-slammed a man in front of his family for daring to eat with his mask down.

They dragged the poor man out of the arena while his young son cried.

A Facebook user named Todd Johnson, who witnessed the madness wrote:

Ralston Arena Security Needs to be ashamed of themselves…They out here straight bullying people every week over not having their mask on at their seat! While eating and drinking! They done came and forced this dude out of his seat, spilled his beer on him and his wife because this prick wanna be OPD security guard be in his feelings every week on a power trip. This same asshole with the black security beanie on with tattoos on his arm had a lady and her baby snatched up 2 weeks ago that was sitting right behind me and Javaughn Davis He lied and said that he told her to put her mask on twice, but that man ain come to that section one time before. I know because my mask was off the whole game prior. This guy is a f’ing lunatic.

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