The Meth Neighbors From Hell…


A Facebook user by the name of Thomas Lee from Cookeville, Tennessee uploaded an incident with his neighbors that lead to fists flying and faces soaked.

The incident started with a young woman coming over to his property, accusing Lee and his wife of laughing at her son. The woman seems not well and perhaps an addict.

The argument escalates from there as Lee tells her to get off his property. The woman’s mother then joins in as the conversation temperature rises.

Lee then gets off his front porch and gets more vocal, the young woman then allegedly pushes Lee. That’s when the garden hose gets turned on as the young woman and her mother demand Lee let them find her ring, which she lost on the lawn.

An older man, perhaps the father of the young woman then assaults Lee, getting him down to the ground and punching him several times.

Lee seemed unphased and resumes his aqua-assault.

The family from hell finally gets back to their property. No word on any escalations or arrests.

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