The New False Flag Script For The Mainstream Media Has Been Written and is Being Spewed Everywhere.


As you can see and hear, the mainstream media is not only wrong, but they aren’t even original. It’s as if they read from the same script, perhaps emails from the White House?

Too bad for these newscasts, new reports out of Israel show Pfizer’s efficacy is now down to 38% while over 80% of all new COVID cases there are vaccinated, as are 60% of those in the hospital.

In the UK, we are starting to see similar patterns emerge. 48% of the nearly 40k daily cases are double vaccinated as are 40% of those in the hospital.

Furthermore, a simple check on all the most vaccinated countries, Israel, UK, France, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, are all see MASSIVE spikes in cases while countries with low rates, India, Bulgaria, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Croatia, etc, have NO spike in cases.

It doesn’t take a virologist to look at the raw data and come to the conclusion that vaccinated individuals can catch and spread COVID just as easily as non-vaccinated. It is also not a stretch to conclude that massively vaccinated populations seem to be igniting new outbreaks. Perhaps the vaccinated are the root cause of these case spikes?

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