The Same Creepy Woman Who Stalked Kyrsten Sinema In The Bathroom Now Stalked Her On A Flight To DC


Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was accosted again by an illegal immigrant Monday — this time while on a flight.

The woman who recorded her public confrontation with the senator was apparently the same one who stalked the Arizona Democrat in a bathroom over the weekend.

She introduces herself to a seated Ms. Sinema with “I don’t know if you remember me” and says in the course of her interrogation that she is an immigrant whose father had died the previous year, biographical facts also true of the woman at the Arizona State bathroom.

After having started the recording as she walks up the aisle, the woman asks Ms. Sinema to support “a pathway to citizenship for immigrants that have been waiting for this too long. Can you commit to that?”

Ms. Sinema only responds briefly once to the more than a minute-and-a-half of hectoring. Her response is unintelligible.

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