This Incredible Moment A Virginia Cop Lifts A Car Off Of A Pinned Mom’s Head After Car Crash


A deputy in Virginia is being praised for his actions that saved a woman trapped underneath an overturned car.

Deputy J. Holt with the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office responded on May 7 to a call reporting an overturned car with entrapment, according to the office’s Facebook post.

When he arrived at the scene, he was informed the driver of the car was trapped and couldn’t breathe. Inside the car, Holt discovered the woman’s head was pinned underneath the sunroof.

In Holt’s body camera footage, a child is seen in the car pleading for him to save his mom.

Holt then went into “overdrive,” according to the sheriff’s office, fearing the woman may die in front of her panicked child.

“Through sheer will and determination,” he lifted the car enough for the woman’s head to be moved from underneath the vehicle and out of danger.

According to the sheriff’s office, this isn’t the first time Holt has been recognized for a heroic act. Holt recently received accolades for saving two people during a burning house in March 2020.

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