This is What’s Become of California Since They Decriminalized Shoplifting


This is what is happening daily in California these days now that legislators voted in Prop 47, where thefts under $950 will not be prosecuted, so cops will not bother showing up.

The account shared a shocking video Tuesday of what they call an “organized shoplifting crew” hitting a TJ Maxx store in La Canada Flintridge, an L.A. environ. The video shows two black men casually strolling out of the store with their arms full of merchandise still on their hangers. One of the men carries a large, oversized duffle bag on his back, clearly filled with more items. As customers film their nonchalant theft, the two men walk out the door and through the parking lot. One customer followed them to take video, saying, “I wanna see how far you guys get.” The video ends before we get the answer to that question, but one can only assume they got all the way to wherever they were going.

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