Transvestite Gets The Crowd To Chant ‘VAX VAX VAX’ While It Holds A Giant Needle


A well known Chicago tranny named Tenderoni got the massive crowd at Lollapalooza chanting one of their favorite cult slogan, ‘VAX VAX VAX.’ This is almost as popular as when the cult following gets on their knees and chants ‘Fauci’ while crying towards the sun.

Lollapalooza is claiming that 90% of attendees showed proof of vaccination upon entering the festival grounds during the first day Thursday, January 29th.

On Twitter, the festival wrote, “Great job, Lollapalooza fans! More than 90% of you showed us your proof of vaccination today! Thanks go out to the 8% who brought their proof of negative Covid-19 tests and for the 600 of you who showed up without paperwork, we hope to see you tomorrow!”

No matter where you go, no matter where you are, the swarm of COVID and mass vaccination will follow you. Isn’t time you enter the Temple of the Fauci?

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