Two Miami Women Drugged Then Robbed A Tourist Out His $10,000 Watch and All His Clothes.


Miami Beach police arrested two women who they said robbed a tourist out of thousands of dollars.

They have been identified as 20-year-old Kimberly Ann Lebron-Martinez and 19-year-old Elizabeth Labbe.

According to police, the two women met the tourist from Texas early Friday morning on Collins Avenue and asked him to have a drink. At first, he refused to drink but still hung out with them.

Police said the three went to Sunny’s bar and restaurant until it closed, when the suspects convinced the victim to go to Collins Park, but not before stopping at a gas station for some alcohol.

It’s at the park where police said the victim was handed a beverage. After drinking it, the victim “immediately felt as if he had been drugged and soon after lost consciousness,” according to an arrest report.

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