Two Separate Fights Break Simultaneously At Miami Airport.


A video posted online Saturday shows two groups of people fighting at Miami International Airport.

The 90-second clip was shared on Twitter by American film director, Billy Corben and it showed three individuals punching each other in the waiting area near Gate D14 while a separate group can also be seen engaging in an altercation nearby.

“Guys, stop it. Guys, stop it, it’s an airport,” a male witness can be heard saying in the recording. “Security!”

The airport security officer tried to break up the fight, but it was futile. The two fighters on the right start again and bystanders tried to stop them from engaging.

A spokesperson for the Miami Dade Police Department told Fox news that one individual was arrested for disorderly conduct after authorities were called about the brawl at the gate. Officials added that one victim who suffered minor injuries in the incident declined to press charges against the arrested individual.

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