Very Pissed Off Woman is about to Run These Protesters Over.. Blocking Road to School..


THE dramatic moment a furious motorist drives her Range Rover at Insulate Britain protesters has been caught on video.

Footage shows a pair group of protesters being confronted by the woman who screams at them “let me take my son to school”.

After getting back into her car the woman gets back into her car and drives at a pair of them pushing them along the road.

Other people at the side of the road can also be heard swearing at the Insulate Britain protesters.

“I’m not joking, my son needs to get to school, move out of the road,” she said.

As a woman protester explains why they’re demonstrating, the woman blasts: “My son is 11, he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.

“So move out of the way then. Let me get my son so school.”

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