Viral Video Appears to Show Cop Planting Evidence. However, Does Bodycam Exonerate?


CALEDONIA- The Caledonia Police Department launching an internal investigation after a video went viral online Saturday morning showing an interaction between an officer and two black men.

The video (seen below), shows an officer midway through an interaction with two men seated in the front seats of the vehicle. The video shows the officer then throwing a tied up baggy into the back seat before starting to put on gloves.

Caledonia Police say the officer was wearing his bodycam during the interaction and plan an internal review. The full statement by Caledonia Police can be found below:

“All officers assigned to patrol duties are equipped with body worn cameras, and preliminary information indicates the officers on scene of this incident all had their body worn cameras activated. In addition, marked Caledonia police patrol vehicles are equipped with dashboard mounted cameras. As part of the internal investigation, we will be reviewing those videos. We will also need to gather information from all officers who were present. The complete review will take some time, but I have reviewed portions of the body worn camera video. Please keep in mind that the cell phone video that is circulating depicts only a small portion of the entire encounter; whereas, all available video may provide more context. The Caledonia Police Department believes strongly in transparency; therefore, all body worn camera video will be made available within the coming days. Please be patient, as there is a lot of information to review. Please know that we are taking this matter very seriously.”

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