Watch As Defense Attorneys Conspire Against Their Own Client To Get Him Convicted


On March 19, 2018 Luis Sanchez had arrived early to court. He said he spent a few minutes waiting in his car to kill time before entering the courthouse.

Sanchez states he was outside the courtroom doors by 9 a.m. He also claims he attempted to walk inside but that the courtroom was overcrowded. This was evident from courtroom video recordings.

Sanchez says he waited outside the courtroom doors so that it would clear up a little before he attempted to find a seat. He explains he did not go in because he had many times in the past been instructed to wait outside and not block the doors for it being a safety hazard.

Public defender attorneys, heather chestnut & Daniel Torrence are to have allegedly, deliberately put their own client in jail in an attempt to force him to plead guilty…

It is alleged that Prosecutor Nathanael Swift formerly agreed to the plan. Third District Court Judge Katherine Bernadi-Goodman is also allegedly involved in this awful act of corruption

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