Welcome to NYC… Man in Diapers & a Pacifier Crying Like a Baby.


In DeBlasio’s New York City, when you are not getting mugged, shot, or pushed in front of a train, this is the madness you deal with just trying to get to and from work each day.

A grown man in a diaper was filmed sitting on a woman’s lap as he sucked his pacifier. At some point, the man seems to try and suckle the woman’s breasts.

A woman sitting across from this absurdity was having none of it!

“That’s a grown-ass man!”……she proclaims the obvious.

Another woman says “take that sh*t somewhere else” as the conversation heats up.

At this time, the freakazoid woman tears off her wig and gets in the complaining woman’s face. The woman retreats and the perv woman goes back to her seat to continue whatever perverted game she and her large baby-man were playing.

Welcome to NYC, everybody.

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