Woman and New Boyfriend Charged with Murdering Her Ex For Money and 50lbs of Marijuana


Sarah Lobato, 20, and Jayton Merrill, 18, are charged with murder and aggravated robbery for shooting dead her ex-boyfriend Raymond E. Ortiz, 39

11/19/2020 – 39 year old Raymond E. Ortiz, parked his van near the intersection in West Jordan at about 2 a.m. When West Jordan police arrived, Ortiz was lying on the ground next to the van — he had a “faint pulse and agonal breathing.” He had been shot once in the arm and twice in the head. Attempts to save him were unsuccessful and he died at the scene.

Security camera footage from a nearby house showed Ortiz drive up and park his van, according to charging documents. Shortly thereafter, a silver Cadillac pulled up next to the van and “three shots were immediately fired from the Cadillac into the van.” The car then parked in front of the van and two people got out — and the van then lurched forward and hit the car.


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