Woman Is Stripped Of Her Child By The State For Posting A FB Photo Of Him Without A COVID Mask


Melanie Joseph had her parental rights stripped in 2020 after posting a Facebook photo with her son while not wearing a mask.

From her gofundme page:

A family torn apart by corruption, and a boy being held captive from his mother!This is the nightmare Melanie Joseph, and her son Logan have been thrust into since September 8th, 2020. A nightmare created by an activist judge who takes it upon himself to punish anyone who differs from his own opinions, or chooses to exercise their Constitutional rights!Melanie is a wonderful, loving mother who has been stripped of her parental rights by a Judge with very strong opinions on “COVID Culture,” mask mandates, and no respect for medical freedom of choice. Her son Logan has been effectively ripped away from her by his vindictive father using current events, and a corrupt justice system to his advantage.The presiding Judge has chosen to remove ALL Melanie’s rights to her son, based on his opinion that she is a “danger to her son” based off of a single photo coppied from Melanie’s social media. This photo shows Melanie without a mask during a time when masks were not yet mandatory in her area, and her exercising her 2nd amendment rights by wearing her lawfully licensed side arm. He has ruled that Melanie may not see her son until such time as she has submitted herself to a Coronavirus vaccine once one becomes available, and has provided official documentation to prove she has received it.I believe it goes without saying that this is an outrageous abuse of power on the Judge’s part! Melanie is in desperate need of a strong, thorough, Constitutional Attorney that will fight tirelessly, and fearlessly to bring justice to her family, and bring Logan home! The Joseph family’s finances have taken a hit from this horrible, prolonged, custody battle with Logan’s biological father; and have further suffered due to the Coronavirus shutdown. Any and all donations will be dedicated to retaining competent legal representation.While this fundraiser is solely for Melanie’s battle to overturn a tyrannical ruling, and win back her son; this issue is FAR bigger than punishing just one mother over a picture depicting her in a way that simply rubs a Judge the wrong way! This is setting a dangerous precident, that the court system can coerce parents into relinquishing their medical freedom of choice, and bodily autonomy or risk never seeing their children again!We as parents, as Americans, we CANNOT allow this to stand! We MUST rise up, and raise our voices in one outcry against the tyranny that is overtaking our country! We MUST take a stand, we must fight along side Melanie! We MUST liberate Logan, and reunite him with his mother, step-father, and siblings who all love and miss him terribly!

Help Melanie here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/liberating-logan

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