Woman Refuses to Wear a Mask or Take a Covid Test as She Gets off Plane in Canada.


Jessica Faraone, 29, arrived back home via Toronto Pearson Airport last week after spending a month in Tanzania. She didn’t wear a mask and told border security agents that she refused to quarantine or take a COVID test, getting into a ‘screaming match’ with them. Jessica told the agents: ‘I’m a frontline worker, actually, I’m considered a hero. I’m a registered nurse. I have freedom of speech, I can do what I want.’ The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), her province’s nursing regulatory body, has said that it has notified the appropriate people to investigate. Ontario nurses are publicly accountable to the CNO and have a responsibility to not ‘communicate anti-vaccination, anti-masking, and anti-distancing statements.’ Jessica said: ‘I would be genuinely disgusted if my license got taken away for having an opinion and exercising my rights.’

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