Woman Shows a “Medical Exemption” for Wearing a Mask… Southwest Puts Her on No Fly List.


This woman was stranded at an airport and not allowed to fly home to her 3 young children for showing the airline her medical exemption, signed by a doctor, for not having to wear a mask.

The airline told her she still can’t board the flight and when she argued, they put her on a no-fly list, even when she said she would wear the mask even with the exemption.

Southwest Airlines has perhaps the nastiest reputation when it comes to mask rules, even kicking off an autistic 3-year old from a flight last year because he wouldn’t wear a mask.

Reports show that hundreds have been put on a no-fly list by Southwest since they DO NOT accept medical exemptions of any kind and seem to have to problem kicking young children with disabilities off flights so know this before traveling and booking a flight.

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