“You’ve Got the Wrong House” Chicago Police Handcuff Innocent Naked Woman During Raid on WRONG Apartment


In 2019, a Black social worker was in her home when Chicago police burst through the door and handcuffed her while she was naked in a raid meant for another apartment in her complex. Now, Anjanette Young is calling for justice after Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s law department tried to prevent CBS Chicago from airing the footage nearly two years later.

It is the job of police “to serve and protect,” Young said Wednesday during a news conference. “Well, they didn’t do that for me. They didn’t care about me. So, yes, I would ask for accountability if you ask me what do I want from this.”

Video of the incident shows Young telling officers at least 43 times they had the wrong apartment. But police continued to search Young’s house while she was exposed, CBS Chicago reported. While an officer did wrap a short coat around Young, her front remained open. Police only fully covered her two minutes after they entered the apartment, giving her a blanket that continued to slide down.

“You’ve got the wrong house”: Video shows Chicago police handcuffing innocent naked woman during raid on wrong apartment

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